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Studio 7117 Mini Docs Series

The Mini Doc of “Too Smoove Studios":  started with Dre'zy rapping and making beats in the early days and evolved into a full recording studio in South Renton, Washington. In this episode, we hear how Dre'zy came up in hip-hop and what Too Smoove Studios is about.

Directed and Produced by
Studio 7117

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About the Owner

Owner: Dre'Montgomery
MC Dre'Zy


Born and raised in Renton, WA; Dre' has been involved with music since his adolescent years in the church choir. He also joined the middle school choir around the same time he started to rap and make Hip-Hop music. Throughout the years he developed a passion for not only writing and performing lyrics, but also creating everything that accompanies the music (instrumentation, vocal techniques, vocal/audio manipulation, etc.). Dre' found a love for creating his own instrumentals and recording his own vocals, which later developed into a desire to study Audio Technology at Western Washington University. This led to him having constant performances, shows, and unlimited studio access throughout his college years. During this time, Dre' had a vision to start his own company. He realized that he obtained an extensive amount of information and experience about audio recording/creation, to where he could service other individuals/artists to help bring there creations to life. So after he graduated he was motivated to start building a studio, and dedicated to finishing it. In the summer of 2019 the studio was completed and open for business.

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