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Too Smooove Studios

(DAW used: Fruity Loops 21)

Too Smoove Studios is the perfect environment to bring your tracks to the next level; With a vocal booth that was designed to allow the artist to have as much control as the engineer, A lounge area for breaks and/or guests, and High-quality equipment configured to record a wide variety of instruments.

Isolation Vocal Booth


Set the Mood

Too Smoove Studios is a great place to record in any mood. The vocal booth is equipped with mood lights that change colors to appropriately enhance the artists' recording experience. 

Comfortable Environment

Our vocal booth has a ventilation system so it doesn't get too hot while you're recording. There is both inward and outward airflow to produce air circulation for a more comfortable experience.



Most vocal booths don't have natural light, and we thought it was important for artist to experience that. There are 2 windows installed into the booth; one for engineer-artist communication, and the other for natural aesthetics and pure sunlight. 

Work Flow

Time Efficiency

Too Smoove Studios is a place you can guarantee to have a Smoove recording process. The engineers work as fast as the artists ability to record, to ensure the studio time is used at the maximum efficiency. Don't say "Sorry" for having to re-record vocals for the 50th time, that's part of the process.


Maximum Control

There is a screen in the vocal booth where artists are able to monitor exactly what the engineer is doing to the mix, while they're recording. This permits making suggestions to the engineer on the actions being made. This also allows for the artist to take control of the screen (using a 18-button mouse that is also in the booth) to lower volume, modify fx, or even stop/start a recording.

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